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Sorare NFT

Sorare NFT

Introduction to Sorare NFTs

On Sorare, there are 5 different types of cards: "Common", “Limited”,"Rare", "Super Rare" and "Unique".

Each type has its own advantages and gives access to different competitions.

Finally, each card has a different value depending on its type.

In addition to that, Sorare NFTs acquire XP points over the years, from their use and from the performance of the players they represent, allowing them to level up. These levels give them a bonus that can be used for the Fantasy Football game of Sorare.

Example of bonus : 5% for a card of the current season.

So each Sorare card is somehow unique compared to its peers. Join Sorare now and win a free card thanks to the partnership between Sorare and Sorare Academy

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The common cards

The So rare common cards, recognizable by their white background, are distributed for free when you register on Sorare.

They are not NFTs, they have no value, they are neither sellable nor exchangeable, nor registered on the Blockchain and exist in unlimited quantity.

Their only use is to allow new managers to get their bearings on Sorare and to participate in the Rookie League (competition for beginners).

Once the Rookie League is over, these cards can no longer be used except in certain divisions of certain competitions, but in return they create a handicap... Join Sorare now and win a free card thanks to the partnership between Sorare and Sorare Academy

Lionel Messi Sorare NFT
Vinicius Junior Sorare NFT
Sign up and receive a free card

The Limited cards

Recognizable by their yellow background, Sorare "Limited" cards are issued in a number of 1000 per season per player. They are the most numerous and the most accessible (overall) on Sorare.

As soon as you acquire at least 5 "Limited" cards, new competitions become available to managers.


Get a " Limited " card for every 5 new cards you buy by registering on Sorare via the link below.

Win one free card

The Rare cards

Recognizable by their red background, Sorare "Rare" cards are issued in a number of 100 per season per player. They are the most numerous and the most accessible (overall) on Sorare.

As soon as you acquire at least 4 "Rare" cards, new competitions become available to managers.

Possible levels : from 0 to 20.

Possible bonuses : from 0 to 10%.

The Super Rare cards

The " Super Rare " cards, on a blue background, are edited in a number of 10 per season per player.

More limited in quantity, their price is already higher than the " Rare " ones, nevertheless, they give access to competitions with more interesting rewards.

Possible levels: from 40 to 60.

Possible bonuses: from 20 to 30%.

Kylian Mbappé NFT
Robert Lewandowski NFT
Erling Haaland NFT

The Unique cards

The "Unique" card, as its name indicates, is unique. There is only one per season per player.

On a light golden background, they offer very important advantages, there is even a competition specially dedicated: The Global Unique.

Possible levels: from 80 to 100.

Possible bonuses: from 40 to 60%.


At the auctions, it is also possible to buy "packs".

These packs, in the colors of one and the same club, contain 5 cards of different players, and can sometimes contain a "Super Rare" or even a "Unique".

Win a free Sorare NFT

Sorare offers you the possibility to win a Rare card!

How do you do it? By acquiring 5 new cards! Win 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 auctions and Sorare offers you your 6th card !

To take advantage of this offer, create now your Sorare account by clicking on the button below.

receive a free card

How to buy or receive a card?

Whether you want to collect, buy/sell or play Fantasy Football with Sorare, you need to have cards other than common ones. To get "Rare", "Super Rare" or "Unique" cards, there are only 3 possible ways: auctions, secondary market, rewards.

Win a card on the auction market

Also called "New cards" in the "Market" tab, this is where new cards are put up for sale by Sorare, for a set period of time. During this time, you compete with other managers by bidding on the price of the card you want to get. At the end of the time limit, the person who has made the highest bid wins the auction.

The starting price set by Sorare depends on the type of card:

After clicking on the "Bid" button, you are free to enter the amount you want. By default, the minimum amount you will be offered to bid will be 10% higher than the current price. It is not possible to bid less.

Important: Any bid placed during the last minute of the countdown will restart the countdown with one minute left.

Buy a Sorare NFT on the secondary market

The secondary market (Tab " Market " -> " Market ") lists all the cards put up for sale by the other Sorare managers. Here, the selling price is fixed by the owner of the card, and the sale lasts 48 hours.

There are 2 possibilities to get a card on the secondary market:

- Accept the seller's price

- Send an offer to the seller


If you decide to accept the seller's price, then you just have to click on "Buy", and the transaction will start as soon as you confirm your purchase.

If you choose to send an offer to the seller via the "Send Offer" button, the seller will receive it as soon as you enter the amount and confirm your offer. It is up to him to accept it or not.

As long as the seller has not accepted your offer, you are free to cancel it at any time.

How do I get a card as a reward?

On Sorare, the first way to get a card as a reward is to rank in one of the many competitions that are offered to you. Depending on your ranking, the value of the card you get will differ, ranging from a "Rare" Tier 3 card to a "Super Rare" Star card.

To see the details of the awards for a competition, click on the "Play" tab, select a "Game-Week", and then click on the "View Awards" button at the top left/right of the page. You will then see a list of the prizes awarded according to the ranking for each competition and you can even access the details of the prize cards by clicking on them.

Which NFTs should I buy first ?

You should keep an eye on the opponents of the defenders, because if the first one with an average of 70 is in a big match against a high level team, maybe, it is more efficient to choose the defender with an average of 50 who plays against a weaker team.

Another common mistake made by many new players is to only buy random players into the game, without thinking about the league or competitions they come from. This can really limit the amount of rewards you will be able to get.

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