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What is Sorare?

The most complete guide to suceed on Sorare

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What does Sorare mean?

Sorare is an online Fantasy Football game launched in 2019 where you collect digital cards (NFT) featuring soccer players.
Buy, sell and trade your cards as you wish, create a competitive team and participate in tournaments to win rewards.
The concept is simple, each week select 5 players from your gallery and enter the arena in one of the tournaments offered during "Game Week". According to the performance of your players in real life, the OPTA statistics provider allows you to assign a grade to each player. At the end of the tournament, the scores are added together to get your final score. Join Sorare now and win a free card thanks to the partnership between Sorare and Sorare Academy

What happens next? The highest ranked managers will go back to the locker room with great rewards. This can be a player card or precious Ether (the cryptocurrency used in the game), which will allow you to expand your team and invest on future stars. 

How to play?

When you register on Sorare, you will have to select 3 of your favorite clubs. Depending on the clubs you choose, you will get 12 free cards (common) of players coming from most of the selected clubs.

Sorare Academy advise you to choose clubs with strong individualities and especially with a good goalkeeper. It is important that you have a goalkeeper in your gallery who plays regularly because they are very expensive in rare cards. Join Sorare now and win a free card thanks to the partnership between Sorare and Sorare Academy


At the beginning you will receive 5 cards and then you will have to complete mini quests (step called Introduction) in order to gain additional cards. Don't panic, nothing complicated, we will simply ask you to select a team for the next tournament, follow a player, place a bid, in short a kind of small tutorial to familiarize you with the gameplay.

You will be able to participate in the Casual league once you have obtained these cards.

The casual league is the championship for beginners in order to discover the game. In order to participate in tournaments with higher rewards, you will need to invest in Sorare NFT.

However, if you are lucky, you may be able to claim a rare card if your team performs well together. We advise you not to go too fast and to aim for rewards that will give you new free cards. Try to win a rare card via the rookie league after completing your 11 and why not try to win on the last day. Join Sorare now and win a free card thanks to the partnership between Sorare and Sorare Academy

What is an NFT? 

Each Sorare NFT card is unique and registered in the blockchain (the Ethereum network). It belongs to you for life, you are the only owner and can sell or exchange it as you wish. A card is numbered and limited in copies, you will have understood it is this number which makes each card unique and which will influence the value of the card.

We have developed a specific article for you to understand what a Sorare NFT really is. You can also read our articles about Sorare Coin, Sorare Crypto and Sorare Token.

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Sorare Fantasy League

The time has come for managers to get to the heart of the matter, what we are all here for, to PLAY Sorare and earn rewards!

First of all, we advise you to make a small team with free players, which will allow you to play for free and to discover the game little by little to then consider buying cards. 

To participate in a tournament it's very simple, click on PLAY and then choose the date of the tournament that interests you. Then select the one that suits you, register a team of 5 players and let's go.

As long as there are matches, the tournaments (also called GameWeek) are held twice a week: 

One from Friday night to Monday night (usually the championship days), 

One from Tuesday to Friday morning (usually the European Cup days).

There are many tournaments with their own rules for team formation and different prizes to be won.

These are separated into divisions to ensure fairness.

The Common competition 

Formerly the Starter Rookie League, it is only playable with common cards (the grey ones offered at the beginning of the game). This division contains only one tournament, the Casual tournament. This is the most played tournament, as it is free, and the cash prize promises some very nice cards if you do well. Still, you have to try to finish on the podium to hope to unlock a rare card, which is obviously not an easy task, but it is possible.

The Limited competition 

This is the most recent competition on Sorare. Formerly called Division 5, it is only playable with Limited cards. Produced in larger quantities, they are also cheaper to buy than the rare cards but the Cash Prize of the tournaments is less important too. Different tournaments are offered in Limited (All Star, Under 23, Champion Europe, Asia, etc). We recommend that you start with the All Star Tournament, which will allow you to play with cards from all leagues combined.

The Rare competition 

This is the most interesting tournament in my opinion. Why? Simply because you can earn a reward in Ethereum simply based on the points you managed to reach, regardless of your ranking compared to other players. In the All Star Rare tournament, if you achieve more than 205 points, you get 0.01 eth. If you score over 250 points you get 0.02 eth! And if you manage to get high enough in the ranking you can win a new rare card as a reward! What's more, you can participate in this tournament with only 4 Rare cards + 1 Common. Unfortunately, the Common card will have a percentage point penalty. But reaching 205 points is easy and you can quickly enjoy your rewards.

There is also a Pro section in the Rare competition. This is the old Division 3. The change was incorporated during the design overhaul in the October 19 update.  Unlike the standard version, the Pro version will require at least 3 Rare cards, which can be completed with 2 Super Rare cards. It is not possible here to integrate a Common card to fill a position.


Sorare: The Super Rare and Unique competition 

Formerly called Division 2 and Division 1, these 2 competitions are mainly reserved for players with a higher base budget. Because Super Rare and Unique cards are produced in 10 and 1 copies per season respectively, they are much more expensive. In return, the rewards are much higher. We do not recommend investing in these cards if you are just starting out in Sorare.

Sorare: Common mistakes to avoid

#1: Rushing
There are a lot of serious statistics websites, don't hesitate to use them( Transfermarkt and Foot mercato) to get the best information about each player. Find out about playing times, contract lengths and injuries.
Don't rush, don't throw money out the window. 

#2: Negotiate

Our starting budget is usually limited and in order not to waste and make the most of your money, consider negotiating the prices of players on the secondary market.
Of course if you find the deal of the century, go for it, hundreds of managers a day are snooping around the market, it would be a pity if the opportunity passed you by. Nevertheless, most of the time you can try to negotiate.
Most managers inflate the prices (me first hehe) so the risk is to overpay a player.
Once you have found a player, think about when and how much his owner paid him. Indeed if he just bought him 2 hours ago at 0.50 ETH he will probably be reluctant to sell him to you now at 0.10 ETH. On the other hand, a player won by a manager through sponsorship or tournaments that doesn't fit into his plans can be traded easily. 
In addition, some will need liquidity quickly in order to buy another player, others will want to get rid of a player who has disappointed them many times (in my case I sold my Manu Vallejo because I could not see him anymore, he disappointed me too much! ^^). 
All these conditions will make that a negotiation can succeed.
On the other hand be reasonable and respect the other managers, do not expect to have Ronaldo at 0.10 ETH adjust correct offers.

#3 Get excited about the bids

Keep your cool and your nerves well hung, what is more frustrating than to see an overbid a few seconds before the sale is over. 
But sometimes you have to let go, players are regularly put up for sale by Sorare just wait for the next card, you don't win every time. 
Be smarter and don't overpay a player, by this I mean don't buy a player at auction for more than the secondary market.
From my own experience, in view of the MLS takeover I set my sights on a young keeper sold for 47th on the secondary market by a manager. At this price my target purchase was 37-40e max. The auction ended at 65e! So I rushed to buy the one at 47e second hand.
Ask about the prices, set a maximum price not to exceed and go on the attack serenely!

#4 Line up a player who does not play...

Some time ago I line up with confidence my starting 5 for a Gameweek.
To me the victory! I say to myself. And the result of the ball, a big fiasco, a huge failure, but what happened?
My midfielder Rico Strieder, you my faithful warrior, you betrayed me... hurt.
And yes, think to find out beforehand if your player is injured or suspended, because one player less in your team hurts, very bad for the final result.
Before the validation of my team I look on Transfermarket (it is displayed in big if the player is injured) and on Flash score (in the composition of the teams you can see the absent, suspended or injured players). 
Of course we are not safe from an injury in the warm-up or a trip to the disco of one of your players the day before the game ...

#5 Buy strangers

It would be a shame to waste a big part of your budget on a flop. It is true that by betting on unknowns you may find the future ace before anyone else, but in most cases you will simply lose or at least block a large part of your budget for nothing.

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