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So rare, the new fantasy football game

The Beginning

So rare is a global fantasy soccer game, in which players buy, sell, trade and manage a virtual team with digital player cards. The game, launched in 2019 by Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort, uses Ethereum-based blockchain technology. SIGN UP

So rare Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort
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Why So rare ?

The translation of So Rare in German is So Selten, in French Tellement Rare, in Italian Così raro and in Spanish Tan raro. This is how Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort named their start-up: SO RARE. Join now and win a free card thanks to the partnership between Sorare and Sorare Academy

How does it work?

Sorare soccer: Managers, compose virtual teams, consisting of five soccer player cards, which are based on blockchain technology. The teams are then ranked according to the performance of the players during the games played. Points and XP are then awarded based on these performances. Cards are ranked according to 4 levels of rarity. The accumulation of XP and the rarity of a card increases the multiplier of the card and thus allows to obtain a higher score. Twice a week, the managers with the best team are rewarded with new cards.
Card acquisition is done through an auction system in which all managers can participate. Managers can then buy and sell their cards to other players on the platform. Prices will vary depending on the performance of the players on the field and will also be subject to the economic model of supply and demand.
The Sorare NFTs are officially licensed digital collectibles. The use of blockchain technology allows to guarantee the rarity and security of each card issued. Players can therefore freely exchange and use their cards as they wish. Join now and win a free card thanks to the partnership between Sorare and Sorare Academy


Sorare runs on the Ethereum blockchain network to secure ownership and enable card exchange. Thanks to this technology, the cards are limited. They cannot be modified, duplicated or deleted. On So rare each player card is represented as a non-fungible token (NFT) using the ERC-721 token standard on Ethereum.


The licensing partnerships that Sorare signs with leagues, such as the K League or clubs like Atletico Madrid, allow Sorare to use official player photos, club logos as well as their names.
Sorare announced its first licensing partnership with the Belgian Jupiler Pro League in October 2018.
In February 2020, Sorare announced a licensing partnership with Juventus Turin to tokenize Cristiano Ronaldo and the entire team on Ethereum2.
Since July 2020, Sorare announced that it has signed with more than 70 soccer clubs worldwide3.
In September 2021, Sorare formalized an agreement with the Spanish soccer league for a multi-year partnership4. The agreement covers the edition of virtual cards of players playing in La Liga.

In October 2021, Sorare also announced another official partnership with the German soccer league the Bundesliga.

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In May 2019, shortly after the launch of the game's beta version, the company announced a €550,000 pre-seed round with entrepreneur Xavier Niel, who also invested through his Kima Ventures fund.
Sorare announced a $4 million round in July 2020 with German soccer world champion André Schürrle, investment fund and French investment fund Partech.
On February 25, 2021, So rare announced a new fundraising of 40 million euros, bringing in new business angels such as the world champion Antoine Griezmann and the founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian. The Spanish international player Gerard Piqué has also joined the company.
In September 2021, Sorare raised €580 million, bringing its valuation to $4.3 billion, and thus setting the record for the largest fundraising in France. On January 20, 2021, Nicolas Julia announced that Serena Williams was investing in Sorare and becoming a member of the Advisory Board. Join Sorare now and win a free card thanks to the partnership between Sorare and Sorare Academy

Sorare's CEO


Sorare allows access to data related to maps and managers. Several sites use this data to propose information or games related to Sorare.
Sorare Data : Information site that collects player ratings and card purchase prices to help Sorare managers make decisions.
Sorare Brag : Game that offers the creation of private leagues between Sorare managers to compete against a manager of the league every weekend.
Sorare Mega : Game that proposes to compete with other managers via matchmaking on team sizes of 3, 5, 8 or 11 Sorare cards.
Independent sources of information.
Sorare is a game that, beyond the only Casual competition, requires investing money to buy cards and thus be able to participate in other competitions. Numerous information media have been structured around blogs, newsletters, twitter accounts and/or Twitch channels to support new players. SIGN UP


What's next for Sorare?

The platform claims 250,000 users but and reached €308m in 2021. The team's unique objectiv is to create the world leader in sports entertainment. 

The platform is working to expand its offer to other sports, including US sports (NBA, NHL). Currently Sorare has an agreement with 180 clubs. This number evolves every month. Find the complete list of clubs on this page. Other clubs will join the game soon! After the recent agreement with La Liga, the start-up intends to join in the next months all the 20 biggest soccer leagues in the world! The future seems bright.

Sorare's founders would like to eventually move to a stablecoin, a stable cryptocurrency indexed to the dollar, unaffected by the fluctuations of cryptos.

Frequently asked questions

Referral program:

I signed up without a referral link, can I enter one later?

No. If you wish to benefit from the sponsorship offer, you must recreate your account using a sorare sign up link.

What is the purpose of a referral link and/or an affiliate link?

By using a referral or affiliate link (no difference to you), it allows you to win a random free card as soon as you win 5 auctions in the new card market. When the game was created, the program allowed you to win a rare card. Now, with the introduction of Limited cards and the opening of the game to a wider audience, you will get a Limited card.

Does it make any difference if I use a referral link instead of an affiliate link?

It doesn't change anything for the referred person, he/she will win a Limited card as soon as he/she wins his/her 5th auction.On the sponsor's side, he will win a Limited card within the framework of a sponsorship link, or 10% of the amounts invested by the sponsored person during 1 year on the market of new cards.

Are the referral rewards on random? Can I win a Messi or a Lewandowski?

To date, So rare has never formally communicated about the conditions of the referral rewards. However, the feedback we have received suggests that there is a tiering system similar to that of the rewards obtained in the So5 mode. To put it simply, if you spend €5,000 in your first 5 cards or €50, you and your referral will probably not get the same quality of card in either case. There is no official information about this, and it should not be seen as a recommendation to load the mule on your first 5 cards. However, if you are determined to invest heavily in Sorare, it may be worthwhile to think about it at the start to optimize your chances of getting a good referral card.

I bought 5 cards, why haven't I received my referral card?

You need to win 5 auctions to get a referral card. In fact, the purchase of cards on the secondary market does not count towards the program. With Sorare Academy, you will get to know Sorare better and be better at bidding on your favorite players and teams. Moreover, with Sorare Academy you will get a free card after five successful bids.

ATTENTION: this offer only works if you use the link above "register and get a free card".  When you arrive at the Sorare website through this link, register immediately. Sorare will then automatically recognize that you are from Sorare Academy. You can then bid whenever you can, and after five successful bids you will be credited with the free rare card.

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