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Sorare Coin

Sorare Coin

Is Sorare a Coin?

Sorare is not a Coin. While many people see Sorare as a Token or a Coin, they are worng. Sorare is not a coin. A Sorare coin is actually a Sorare NFT.

While the Sorare NFT page focuses on the NFT cards you can find on Sorare. This page will explain everything you need to know about NFTs in general and how they impact the gaming industry.

Don't forget that you can get a free Sorare NFT by signing up with our link below. If you manage to win 5 auctions, you will receive a free Sorare NFT that you will be able to sell on the secondary market. Read more about how to sell your Sorare NFT cards on our article What is Sorare?

Enjoy the read and don't hesitate to drop us a message if you need further information on Sorare. Do you want to win a free card?

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Sorare Coin: What is an NFT?

An NFT (Non Fungible Token), simply put, is a unique and secure digital asset because it is registered in the blockchain. It can be an image, a video, a file, or a work of art for example.
NFTs are more and more present in everyday life, especially in the world of video games. It is this particular field that will interest us in this article. Read our article about Sorare Crypto or So rare.

The of NFTs in the gaming industry

The NFT allows to clarify the items (character, card, objects...) in a video game, to have the property of them and thus to be able to resell them after having acquired them. Read our article about Sorare token.
Let's take an example. Today you decide to put a sum of money in a game to buy items to equip a character, a new weapon pack, an outfit (Skin), a new vehicle, soccer players...but there will come a day when, bored with the game you give up and stop playing it. 
What happens to your money invested in the game? The answer is clear, gone, you will have invested at a loss.
Well now, imagine that each item bought in a game has a kind of serial number, it is limited in a number of copies, belongs to you and you can at any time sell it to other players via the game website or various platforms such as Rarible, OpenSea, the "Ebay of NFT". Well, that's what an NFT is.
Get your money back before you quit the game, or even make profits if your items are rare and popular with other gamers.
That's why today, NFTs seem to be the future of video games and the new Eldorado for investors.
Several games are based on this technology: Cryptokitties, Axies Infinity, CryptoHeros and many others, but there is one that is making a name for itself and that is developing at a crazy speed these last months: Sorare.

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What is a Sorare Coin?

A new hype

The hype around NFTs is growing and their use in video games is the future. The Sorare game is still young and is on its way to becoming a must-have in the soccer world. The game may gather millions of players in the next few years. Entering the Sorare card market now, when the number of players with NFTs is only a few thousand and the prices still reasonable can only be an advantage.

The speed

Nothing could be faster, unlike real estate where it takes several months of research and administration in order to acquire a property, here the registration is done in a few minutes and the purchase of an NFT card in only a few seconds. So in no time you are in possession of your first NFT.

The simplicty

Unlike the financial markets such as the stock market which require a lot of technical and economic knowledge, which can chill many an investor, here your simple knowledge of soccer will be rewarded. And if you don't know anything about it, don't panic, many sites dedicated to transfers and soccer news are available on the net. Moreover, we all know a soccer fan in our entourage who can give good tips. Ask around, talk to friends, watch a few games and start investing in a Sorare Coin. 

The security

NFTs are ultra-secure digital assets registered in the Blockchain. Unlike physical investments in precious metals, bottles of wine, whiskey that must be stored in a safe, cellar and have a high storage cost, NFTs do not take up space because they are digitized and their storage is free. With physical goods you are not safe from a disaster or a burglary. For NFTs, except in the case of a global crash where the Internet would no longer exist, you have less to worry about. Be careful with your passwords and have a secure computer for your transactions.

Sorare Coin: Earnings from the value of Ethereum

Like most cryptocurrencies, ETH fluctuates up or down depending on the market which can have a direct influence on the value of your gallery. Indeed, you buy your NFT cards not in euros but in ETH. 
For example, an NFT bought today at 0,10 ETH at 150 euros, depending on whether the price goes down or up, it will still be worth 0,10 ETH but not necessarily 150 euros. 
Imagine the potential, let's say you buy for 1 ETH of cards today, that is 1500 euros. And that in 5 years you sell all your Sorare NFT cards to get this single ETH. If the price of ETH at that time is 40,000 Euros (you never know, anything can happen) you will make a huge profit.

Winning from player performances

The price of the cards in Sorare varies according to the performance of the players. A series of good performances will quickly make the price of your Sorare NFT explode. Thus, we have seen lately cards bought a few hundred euros to resell several thousand euros including soccer stars, "Holy Grail" of collectors.

Win one free card

Coin: Earning cryptocurrency regularly

If you decide to get into cryptocurrency, nothing could be simpler, a registration on an exhange site, you buy your crypto and wait for it to rise. 
On Sorare it's a bit the same thing you buy cards that will be resold in the long run for cryptocurrency. However, like the traditional method here you can earn additional crypto-currency and cards to resell as rewards if your team is well ranked. This allows you to regularly increase your ETH portfolio. Of course you can also stack your ETH on exchange platforms and earn profits regularly but here the method is simpler, more fun and your ETH are not blocked.

If you are convinced or simply curious to discover the game and the investment in Sorare NFT think of registering via our link of sponsorship. This allows you to get a free card after 5 cards bought at auction which is not negligible in an investment project, moreover it helps us to improve the content of the site and we thank you.

The Sorare NFT represent a new field of investment, mixing art and digital objects on a background of crypto-currency, it is a new economic ecosystem in full development which still has beautiful days ahead. Like any investment, it has its advantages and disadvantages, it's up to you to see if you want to diversify in this field.

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