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How to make money on Sorare ?

The best tips for making money on Sorare

make money on Sorare

How to make money on Sorare? Sorare being a game, we need to have fun and enjoy ourselves playing, but we have to admit that, besides the fun side, So rare is a money game and we are quickly tempted by the lure of winning. 

In this article, we'll show you the best ways to make money on Sorare. You can also consult our articles dedicated to Sorare NFT, the beginning of So rare, Sorare Coin, Sorare token or Sorare crypto

Participate in tournaments

How to make money on Sorare? Of course, the basic way to make money on Sorare without having to worry too much about it is to participate in tournaments. Line up as many teams as you can to increase your chances of winning and take home the rewards!

The easiest way to do this is to reach the Global Star div 4 levels, which will give you ethers on a regular basis, with the 205 pts (0.010ETH) level being easily reached.

Be careful, this level system should be revised downwards by Sorare soon (less earnings).

You can also put on sale at any time a card won as a reward. Join Sorare now and win a free card thanks to the partnership between Sorare and Sorare Academy

Buying / Selling players

How to make money on Sorare? This is the most time consuming part of the game, but for me it is the basis of Sorare. 

Thanks to the capital gains from player sales you will see your Ether portfolio grow steadily. Beware, however, that some bad investment choices may slow down your progress. 

Buying substitute goalkeepers

How to make money on Sorare? This is one of the best ways to make big gains. Indeed, you may have noticed that goalies are extremely expensive and out of reach for beginners with a small budget. There is a huge price difference between the number 1 goalkeeper and the number 2 and 3 substitutes.

It makes sense to buy goalkeepers who don't play because when they can finally express themselves, their value will become frightening.

And when I say amazing, believe me, you won't be disappointed!

Example with Etienne Green, young goalkeeper of St Etienne, you could buy him for 0.028 ETH 45 euros 2 months ago. After having played only 2 games with ASSE, you will have to pay about 0.300 ETH 500 euros to have him in your gallery. Join Sorare now and win a free card thanks to the partnership between Sorare and Sorare Academy

Sign up

Choose a goalkeeper and find out about his background, his stats and his ambitions.

Is he eligible for a starting position? Why was he recruited? Was he a starter in his previous clubs? All these questions are important in order not to deceive you.

Even if I agree with you that goalkeepers play late in soccer, I personally recruit understudies in clubs where the starting goalkeepers are aging (34-35-36 years old) or in decline.

How do I know if I'm buying a Goal number 2 or 3 in the hierarchy?

Sometimes the number 3 goalkeeper passes under the nose of the number 2 and takes the place of the number 2 when the holder is absent. 

But most of the time it is the number 2 who will replace him. To know the hierarchy in a club I first look at which goalkeeper was used in the cup. Indeed it is usually the Goal 2 in the hierarchy who plays it. 

Then I look at the financial value even if it is not infallible it gives you an idea. 

If in a team you have a goalkeeper at 15 million, one at 5 million and one at 100,000 euros I think you will quickly find out who is the number 3.

Buying injured players

This method is a bit risky but it can be very profitable. Indeed, when a player is injured he becomes unusable in Sorare. You guessed it, so his value will decrease a lot, especially if he will be in the infirmary for several months.

Once he is forgotten, that's when you intervene, negotiate, buy him at a lower price and resell him much more expensive when he will be usable again in tournaments.

However, this strategy has its limits. Indeed, you have to hope that when your protégé comes back from injury he will have recovered his best level and especially his place as a starter. If your player is replaced by a future top player who scored goal after goal during his absence, there is little chance that your player will regain his place in the team.

Beware, expect that the money used in this purchase will be blocked for a while. Invest in an injured player only if you have already built a competitive team, so that your starting budget is not unnecessarily tied up. Join Sorare now and win a free card thanks to the partnership between Sorare and Sorare Academy

Buying players on loan

Players from leagues not supported by OPTA, (those with a red cross under their card) cannot be played in Sorare. Their price is therefore low and most of the time can be negotiated strongly. 

Look for a player with a red cross, see if he is on loan, (transfermarkt) analyze his stats in his current club and if he seems to have potential then take a chance. 

Most of the players from European leagues return to their home clubs in June.  

This is the best time to prepare for the next season because the red crosses will disappear in a few months and the value of these players will increase.


Be careful that the player is not loaned with an option to buy because there is a chance that it will be lifted and he will stay permanently in this club. He will be unplayable for a long time.

Buy future stars

Here is the way that in my eyes is the most fun to make a capital gain, find future talents! 

What could be more pleasant than to buy a young unknown, to make him evolve, to train him and then to see him explode in the big day. 

The leagues are full of future stars, most of them are already known by everyone and their price is flying to the moon. Get a head start, look at the performance of the players in the youth teams, see which players are called up to the first team regularly, and if they are in the national youth teams. 

What is the best time to make money on Sorare?

When the 2021-2022  season will come to an end for most European leagues,  it will be the best time to start and try this method. 

Most players will be out of action in tournaments for several weeks. It is during this break that you should invest in preparation for the next season. 

The value of the unusable players will drop and you will be able to make your market at a lower price before a resale at the beginning of the next season around August-September when the demand will be stronger.

Indeed, the managers arriving on the game in the next weeks will have no other choice, to participate in tournaments, than to buy players from the current leagues (like MLS, Korean K-League, Mexican Liga MX...). You will have understood that less requests, less buyers and the price of players from stopped leagues should logically decrease. Join Sorare now and win a free card thanks to the partnership between Sorare and Sorare Academy

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