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About Sorare Academy

Sorare Academy is published by Atihana SAS

Director of the Publication: Caroline Domange

Head office :


46 Avenue des Termes 06530 Peymeinade - FRANCE

RCS Grasse 909382343


Sorare Academy is the largest community for Sorare beginners and more experienced players. On Sorare Academy, you will find the best tips & tricks and advices to start your So rare journey. We have advised more than 500 players since the beginning of our journey in 2020.  You can find all the information about Sorare NFT, Sorare Coin, Sorare token, Sorare Crypto and of course, about So rare!

Our most read articles: How to make money on Sorare? Serena Williams joins Sorare Advisory Board, Sorare Sports, Sorare Soccer, Sorare NBA, Sorare MLB

With Sorare Academy, you will get to know Sorare better and be better at bidding on your favorite players and teams. Moreover, with Sorare Academy you will get a free card after five successful bids.

ATTENTION: this offer only works if you use the link above "sign up and get a free card".  When you arrive at the Sorare website through this link, register immediately. Sorare will then automatically recognize that you are from Sorare Academy. You can then bid whenever you can, and after five successful bids you will be credited with the free rare card.

Sorare Academy's mission is to help beginners on Sorare by giving them mini trainings to understand Sorare's functioning, and help them to adopt the best strategies to win. As Sorare develops on new sports, we will develop new pages on the site to help our community. Our help is free, our remuneration comes from our partnership with Sorare. More than ever, together we will be stronger.

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